06.24.2023 CONCERT

Conducting Department graduation 2023

Olga Platov
June 2023
This graduation is the culmination of a two-year program. The course, which accepts new students biennially, is not just an academic journey but a spiritual and communal experience. The graduation ceremony, a blend of examination and celebration, brought together multiple churches to showcase the talents of these budding conductors. Each student presented a program of three pieces, reflecting the diverse repertoire of their respective churches.
This examination serves as practical preparation for their future roles within the church. Students, recommended by their churches and already engaged in ministry, learn not just about music but about leading a spiritual community. Upon graduation, each takes on the responsibility of leading a specific church choir, continuing their service with newfound skills and insights.
The program also fosters a valuable exchange of musical and cultural diversity among students, enriching their experience and broadening their approach to choir leadership. This diversity challenges them to expand their skills and embrace the wide range of church music, preparing them for versatile and impactful ministry.